About us

The 800th anniversary of Klosters inspired us to revive the film tradition that Klosters has enjoyed as a holiday resort and place of residence for various Hollywood greats. With our festival, we would like to invite the film greats of the future to come to Klosters and show them this wonderful place. Who knows what will be possible in the future.

At the festival’s inauguration in 2022, 11 films screened for the first time competed to become the festival winner. There was a cash prize and a four-week residency in Klosters to be completed before the next festival in 2024. This prize was won by Gabriela Calvache with “La Mala Noche”.

With a total of 544 people attending the screenings and the talks, the festival was a huge success. In addition to the films themselves, another highlight of the festival was the exciting discussions after the screenings, led by our moderator, Petra Auer, who engaged the filmakers and the audience both skilfully and professionally.

The audience was made up of film fans, holidaymakers and locals, and based on the feedback, our concept proved to be very successful – visitors could interact with the filmmakers, the Kulturschuppen became a meeting point and film hub for four days and Klosters regained a small place in the film world.

Organising Committee

The film festival is organised by the “Kulturgesellschaft Klosters”. The organising committee consists of: