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Quelle: Online-Magazin Persönlich

Michael Steiner (*1969 in Hergiswil) is one of Switzerland’s most successful and diverse filmmakers. After studying ethnology, art history, and film studies at the University of Zurich, he initially worked as a journalist and director for Condor Film, creating various commissioned films and commercials. He won the Swiss Film Award for Best Feature Film in 2006 with “MEIN NAME IST EUGEN.” His drama “GROUNDING” (2006), depicting the final days of Swissair, and the comedy “WOLKENBRUCH” (2018) are among Switzerland’s most successful films. “EARLY BIRDS” (2023), Steiner’s first Netflix production, opened the Zurich Film Festival.

On the opening night, as part of our festival theme, Michael Steiner’s debut work ‚Nacht der Gaukler’ will be screened. Additionally, the director will participate in a masterclass.

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Film Talk, 2.9.2022 10:30 Uhr

Spannendes Fachgespräch mit Sabine Boss und den anwesenden Regisseur:innen. Öffentlich und freier Eintritt.